Armand Sallé

Senior front-end engineer based in Angers, France.

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I've been a front-end developer for 5 years, working mainly with React, TypeScript, Next.js, and many others. Passionate about what I do, I get fully involved in every project, with a particular focus on design.

My last position was at Dalma , a pet insurance startup based in Paris, where I was in charge of the front-end development of the customer-facing application, the internal tools, mentoring two junior developers and creating a shared ui kit.
The stack was react next tailwind @radix-ui i18n xstate @tanstack/react-query @mui/material vite and vitest.

Side projects

Discover side projects I've been working on.

~ npx celvercel
 /  \

CLI - Celvercel

A little CLI to draw shapes in the terminal. Based on the Oreo meme but with the Vercel logo.

Simulate your project

Sérénité Viager

A simulator for real estate projects in life annuity, made for a client. The website is made with React, Shadcn ui and TailwindCSS.

Butter slider

Butter is a simple drag and hold slider. With 0 dependencies. One of my first TS project, no longer maintained.

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Vite logo

Vite + Webflow template

A simple template to use Vite with Webflow. No longer maintained, but still a good starting point for a project with Vite and Webflow.

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